About us

We have collected many years of experience, which allows us to provide professional and high-quality services in the transport sector.

We offer the highest level of cooperation.

Our priority is not only the highest quality services in the transport sector, but also professional customer service. We follow world-recognized standards that are documented, so you can safely entrust us with all transport work.

Many years of experience

20 years of experience allow us not only to provide high-quality services, but also to ensure fluency and professionalism. Our collected experience gives us an advantage over our competitors.

Customer orientation

Our customers are no less important to us than the quality of services, and we seek to ensure professionalism through mutual cooperation. It is part of our performance strategy. Our customer focus allows us to compete successfully in the market.

Professional services in one place

We offer a variety of high-quality services in the transport sector, so our customers enjoy convenient and professional maintenance in one place. We help you to save time, and we seek mutual benefits.

UAB "Trumtransa" participated in the projects to combat climate change in the transport sector. The projects were organized by the Environmental Project Management Agency.