Documents and certificates

UAB "TRUMTRANSA" certificates and documents and why they are needed.

Every enterprise needs to have certificates and documents that contribute to the formation of the enterprise’s image. Official certificates and documents not only contribute to the enterprise's reputation, but also promote customer confidence. In the transport sector, certificates and documents are very important because of working with international transportation. It is a large-scale business that requires precision and formality.

UAB "TRUMTRANSA" has certificates and documents proving the enterprise's activities - CMR insurance, European Community license and registration certificate. We are also guided by the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road.


Registration certificate

UAB "TRUMTRANSA" transport enterprise is a legal entity registered in 1996 March 28th.



UAB "TRUMTRANSA" has a license provided by the European Community, which gives the right to engage in consignment transportation within the Community.


CMR Insurance